Guiding you through the
Data-Driven Journey

Discover your organization’s full potential.

Leverage new business opportunities and improved processes through

 intelligent data analysis.


Assess your organization's Business Intelligence status to deliver a clear roadmap to achieve a successful Data-Driven transition
Visualize and improve KPIs, monitor with efficiency and take decisions that boost business results and opportunities.
Building a dedicated BI and Analysis Area, with comprehension of business drivers, requires large investments in human capital and infrastructure. Make it simple with Merovingian IAAS.

Our method

  • Holistic Vision We believe in changing organizations' decision-making philosophy, changing the conceptual core.
  • Innovation and Flexibility We are characterized by platform and environment flexibility. We leverage cutting edge practices and technologies.
  • Agile Processes Everything we do, we do it agile, with a continuous improvement vision.

Who Are We

We believe in the great potential of organizations. We want to guide them in a journey to discover and unlock new business opportunities, higher efficiency and general improvement using intelligent data analysis.

  • Chief Executive Officer
Industrial Engineer, senior consultant in the wine industry since 2005, Mario has vast international experience as an investment project consultant in Latin America, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, he is a teacher at the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Cuyo.
  • Chief Techonology Officer
Mechatronics Engineer and Data Scientist. He has participated in science and technology initiatives in various fields, such as bioengineering research at Stanford University, astronautics tests in NASA funded centers, and the development of an experiment that will travel to space in 2021.
  • Chief Analytics Officer
Economist and Change Management Consultant. He has developed a broad and at the same time deep knowledge in Business Analytics. He has worked for major companies in different fields, from commercial aviation to human resources, advising and informing decision making through data analysis.

Strategic Partners

Ekantika is our Change Management Partner. 77% of executives report that adopting Big-Data and AI practices as an important challenge. Did you know that 93% of them identified organizational culture and processes as the most important obstacle to achieve it?

This partnership empowers us to support cultural change in organizations to maximize Business Intelligence opportunities and potential.

*Companies Are Failing in Their Efforts to Become Data-Driven (

AGILIZA is our expert Partner in sales pipelines, from leads obtention to close and development. AGILIZA is specialized in implementation and adoption of Pipedrive CRM processes. At Merovingian Data we support AGILIZA on KPIs and Dashboards design and development for sales teams.